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Good news and bad news..

2007-09-07 07:14:56 by FuzzballFox

Well, our internet is back, kinda, Sky are retards..and we were not getting the service we should have, and they had to nerve to charge us even though we were not getting anything! The bastards! -_-;

Either way, I got my GCSE results on the 23rd last month, and I got 5Cs and a D, enough to get into the college course I was after- Computing- Games Developement! Whoo! ^^

The problem is though- because we are now on the another provider, we need to use another modem, and the router we got from Sky doesnt count- freaking Tiscali giving us some crappy adsl thingy, so no Xbox Live for me now...;_;


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2007-09-26 22:30:38

Thats actually Xbox, hardly any internet, and yeah. But yes, you can at least rain for Xbox live, like, play Halo on a harder level or something. Hopefully things will work out.

FuzzballFox responds:

Nah I still have my 360, just no Xbox Live- but I've been getting new stuff to do, plus college so less of my time is being wasted doing nothing or being in bed all day XD