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...How Ironic...D:

2008-03-08 11:12:22 by FuzzballFox

Finally reached my target of over 10000 but last night I got this...and I had to take a shot! XD

And yes, that was Windowlicker by Aphex Twin I had playing at the time- :3
Oh, and Burnout Paradise is goood....<3 Still wanted Guitar Hero 3 though...but not enough monehs! D;

And btw the way this isn't the first time this kind of thing has happened...I got 7777 once too, but sadly didn't take pictures..;A;

...How Ironic...D:

The Orange Box! <3

2007-10-15 11:27:34 by FuzzballFox

A couple of days ago I signed up online to the GAME website, putting in n my credit card shit and what not, and now I can order stuff online! =D

Put in an order for a copy of the Xbox 360 version of Half Life 2 : The Orange Box too, as soon as it is out here (19th October) I will be sent a copy on the very day! I'm so excited! XD Looking forward to Portal the most, that game is the shit! X3! The whole collection has been getting good reveiws too, so I'm not going to loose out on the £40 I paid! :3

Anyway, I havent really got any rants at the moment except I need to fix my PS2, kinda buggered up on the slide tool trick and dislodged the disk tray... >_> But I'll do that when I can be arsed, not a priority atm! XD

Peace out people, I'm gonna go play me some Doom! BAIII!!!!11shift

The Orange Box! <3

Good news and bad news..

2007-09-07 07:14:56 by FuzzballFox

Well, our internet is back, kinda, Sky are retards..and we were not getting the service we should have, and they had to nerve to charge us even though we were not getting anything! The bastards! -_-;

Either way, I got my GCSE results on the 23rd last month, and I got 5Cs and a D, enough to get into the college course I was after- Computing- Games Developement! Whoo! ^^

The problem is though- because we are now on the another provider, we need to use another modem, and the router we got from Sky doesnt count- freaking Tiscali giving us some crappy adsl thingy, so no Xbox Live for me now...;_;

Yay! First stuff

2007-08-06 00:26:48 by FuzzballFox

Well I just registered yesterday and I already have reveiws! =D
Hopefully I'll make and post more stuff here, and inspire me to make more =P